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Dear Kathy,

I think of you often. Daniel and I are doing well. I am a nurse now. I would like to see you and give you a great big hug. My son is the most precious thing I could have ever been given. I can never thank you enough for what you have done. When I think of being so helpless and you were there. Now I take care of people as my career. I want to specialize in Pediatrics. So much has changed. God is good to us. I am very busy but if I can help you sometime please feel free to call me.

Thanks Again,

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My name is Stacey Alexander, I was an unwed mother who stayed with Several Sources for two years. When my mother found that I was pregnant she told me to leave home. Then I thought that I should have and abortion so that I can go back home not having anywhere to stay! I slept in the stairway of her building and I also slept in the subways.

Finally, I found out about Kathy and the Several Sources program. While staying at Several Sources I and the other girls there would think about marriage and having a family. A lot of the girls there would say that no one will marry them because they already have a kid and that why they wanted to have an abortion, so they do not have to ruin there life having a kid would just make everything bad for them.

But when I left Several Sources and went on my own, I found a job, and a babysitter for my daughter I had my own garden apartment.

 Men or guys in general started looking at me differently than I thought they would. They did not see a girl who's life was is ruin because she had a child, but as an independent woman who is pretty much in control of her life.

So my fear of ever not being married was gone. They looked at me for the type of life I was living and the kind of person I am.

Now I am happily married to my wonderful husband Paul, he accepted my daughter as his own. She loves him, he spends allot of time with her which her own biological father never did. One year later, I gave birth to my second child Jamal. I always wanted to have a family and now I do. I am happy that I never aborted Cassandra because I do not think it would have made my life better than it is right now. Any pregnant unwed mother could make their lives better if they put their minds to it.

Thank you,

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Three years ago, in my second year at Ramapo College, I discovered I was pregnant. I was 18 years old , a sophomore and the first in my family to be pursuing a college career. I was pregnant. I was devastated, very nervous and confused. I did not know what to do until a friend spoke to me about "Several Sources".

I was under a tremendous pressure to have an abortion, but I knew deep inside me that having an abortion meant killing my unborn child. I knew it was wrong. So I called Kathy and I explained to her that I was contemplating an abortion for several reasons.

I thought that if I aborted the pregnancy, everything would go back to normal. Kathy counseled me right there on the telephone. Later she invited me to her house for a formal interview.

I thank Kathy for counseling in manner that made me realize that what I was contemplating was terribly wrong.

Thanks to the hard work that Kathy performs each day to keep the shelter open, and thanks to the "Several Sources" benefactors, I had a place to stay for the next two and a half years.

Thanks to "Several Sources" I kept attending school. I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Sean. I name him Sean because Sean means Gift of God.

On May 28th, 1993 I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and Fine Arts, a minor in Psychology and another minor in Spanish.

Looking back three years ago, when I found out that I was pregnant, many at my college including myself believed that I would never make it to graduation. Once I found "Several Sources", however, I knew that I would.

Thanks to Kathy and the volunteers. Thank to the benefactors who support "Several Sources". Thank you all for caring enough to not allow unborn, innocent and defenseless babies to perish simply because their mothers cannot find a place to stay.

Thank you and sincerely,

Dear Mother in Need,

I know the confusion you are having about you preborn baby. I was there myself. I am a married woman. My husband was sent back to prison when I found out I was two months pregnant. The confusion I had about having this child or not was overwhelming.

What kink of life could I Provide, knowing I could be faced with being a single parent and no education!

While trying to figure out what to do. Facing being homeless and very little support to have the baby I turned to God and with the Grace He provided me with, I found help.

The help of a prolife shelter, the help of good Christians who really do care and the help of people dedicated to bringing this life into this world.

Now, I have a beautiful baby girl and I thank Sweet Jesus every night for bringing me to such a place. She in now my life, a new beginning, another chance I have to start anew. And she gives me all the inspiration I need. A friend for life. I love her dearly and the people who made it possible.

Please remember .... no matter how bad things may seem .. there is always help!! Give your preborn the life you have no right to take away. You won't regret it and the Lord will be with you always.

God Bless,
Cindy (24 years old) & Desiree (6 weeks)

Dear Kathy,

From the first time I heard you in Church I was moved. At that time I was prochoice but felt at least here (in you) was someone who was not only saying "have the baby" but "I will help."

Today I am somewhere in between prolife and prochoice. Its not always black and white. I guess the Lord's not done working on me yet, but I still believe in what you are doing.

On a personal level I felt your support this past year as I chose to give life to my latest child. Our son (3rd child) was born on Jan 10th. It brought home to me that the decision to choose is not always made by unwed mothers or the poor. My husband was very upset by this pregnancy and I was not too thrilled myself. He was very angry that I would not abort.

However I personally felt God had made this choice for us. It was not a happy 9 months. A story you are familiar with...anyway for us at least it worked out. Tony is a beautiful baby with a great disposition and has added a special joy to our family. I think even his father now feels that having him was a blessing.

I'm not sure why I fell compelled to tell you this, expect through those 9 months, I felt in my heart, that I had your support. I knew I was making the right decision. Thank you. In Him all things are possible.


Dear Friends,

The reason I didn't have an abortion is because it's against God's Commandment, Thou Shalt Not Kill. I can't keep on sinning and ask for forgiveness, so that's why I decided to have the baby. But there was a big problem. My baby's father did not want me to have the baby, so he said if I didn't have the abortion, he was going to have me killed. But I just trusted God for whatever was going to happen next.

In the meanwhile, I lost my job and almost became a homeless person, but I kept on praying to God to help me. So God heard my prayers and sent the Holy Spirit to guide me. I picked up the Yellow pages. I didn't know what I was looking for, but the next thing I saw was an ad saying "Abortion Absolutely Not". That was the answer to my prayers. I have been here at Several Sources since July. Thank God for the wonderful help they give. I can stay here until my son turns one year old. I had him in October. He is a very handsome boy. I'm so grateful for giving him a chance to live. So please choose life for your unborn child.


Dear Mother to Be---

I'm 24 years old and 7 1/2 months pregnant. When I was being brought up it was in a atmosphere. In my house schooling and education was the most important thing to my parents. Personally I always believed that abortion was wrong in concern to me.

When I first found out I was pregnant I was shocked. I didn't want to believe it. Talk about bad timing... I ended the relationship with my baby's father two weeks earlier. I had taken my pregnancy test at a pro-life clinic. The lady in charge at the clinic, gave me all these pamphlets about abortion and the cruelty of it. I went home that night...confused and upset. The next day all I thought about was abortion, because I thought I had nothing to offer a child.

Finally I came to my senses and decided to keep the baby. Being that I got kicked out of my house, I didn't have a job, my friends let me move in with them. Well, that worked out for about two months. Now being 5 months pregnant and no where to go I called that same prolife clinic and told them of my situation and found out about a unwed mother's home. That didn't pan out either. So then I had asked is there any where I could go that would help me after the baby was born as well as give me shelter while I'm pregnant. The Clinic then told me about Several Sources.

I had an interview set up within a week and received a Hotline package with in a day. That's when I first realized that I had made the right decision.

I now live with other ladies with the some situations which makes my life a lot easier. I now have a lot of girls to compare notes with. The one thing that has shocked me more than pregnancy is that for all the prolife slogans ...organizations...believers... and debates....there are real is available.

There are people who really care. There are places to go. Now not only in concern to myself, but in concern to everyone I am prolife and believe that everyone his a right to live. Abortion. is murder....just ask anyone living with that guilt.

A Mother - to - be

To Whom It May Concern,

Seven months ago in November when I was six months pregnant, my mother kicked me out of her house. With no money and no place to go, I called the local Birthright office and they gave me the names of some maternity homes across the country. Most of them had extensive waiting lists or had closed down entirely. The two that I had visited were extremely overcrowded and in rough neighborhoods. Time was running out for me. I had to find some place to go ... soon. As I neared the end of my list, I saw the name "Several Sources". I called on a Wednesday evening and scheduled an interview for Thursday afternoon.

I followed the directions they gave me and I pulled into a circular driveway in front of a very large, well-kept house in suburban New Jersey. At first I thought I was at the wrong house, but the statue of the Blessed Mother on the front lawn told me I was right where I should be.

I spoke with Kathy for about an hour, and then one of the residents showed me around the house. I was very surprised when I saw the newly renovated section where the mothers live and that most of the moms have their own rooms. I was invited to move in the next day.

In March I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. It was at the moment that I knew that I had done the right thing. I believe that most women do not want to have abortions, that they feel trapped either financially or emotionally or both, and see abortion as the solution. I can tell you first hand that abortion is not the solution, and it creates more emotional and spiritual problems than it will every solve. Had I known about Several Sources sooner, perhaps my son would have a brother or sister to help him through his life.

Perhaps I would be experiencing the wonders of motherhood for the second time. Rest assured that life is a precious gift from God, a gift I may have been forced to give away, had it not been for the Several Sources Foundation.

Name Withheld

Dear Friend,

I stood outside the hospital. The only thing I had to do was to cross the street to the next building and make an appointment to have an abortion. As I stood there...I felt something happening to me. This feeling came over me saying don't go through with it. Someone will help you.

So I took all the material in my hands and threw it in the garbage. I just stood there and said God what now? Through the Holy Spirit a person I worked with told me about Kathy and Several Sources. I thank God for Several Sources and Kathy because if there wasn't a Several Sources, I wouldn't have my son. There are people who can help you. I had my son at the age of 39 years old. Its a miracle and I thank God every day for a beautiful and healthy son.

Name Withheld

Dear Friend,

I hope you know that I am thinking about you and your baby right now, as my little daughter sleeps in my arms. Never did I imagine that I would be blessed with my Sheila and my life is very full because of her.

I was afraid when I figured out I was pregnant. Unemployed, my family not around and my boyfriend gone.....I had almost no hope. Many of my friends had numerous abortions and were either sad about them or never talked about them. I could never let that happen to me.....or let it happen to my child, my baby.

There seemed nowhere to turn. All of the numbers I called were no help...the pro-choice groups all said, "ABORT" ... the shelters said, "ADOPTION" or stay only until the baby is born, then move on.

When I phoned Several Sources, I spoke with a compassionate young person who asked me what could SHE do to help me. I couldn't believe that anyone would help me have my baby.

I went to the interview and met the voice I had spoken to...Kathy DiFiore...we talked for a while and I began to feel relief. No one stood in judgement of me because I had gotten pregnant. In fact, they couldn't have been more encouraging.

Several Sources has brought me closer to God...and I now know He was beside me through all my troubles. I read the Bible and have discovered many things about myself. I have new friends and have been able to help many mothers with their new babies. My family has also reunited with me and my daughter. My future looks a lot brighter.

Please don't think you are alone...I have felt everything that you feel right now. Don't give up hope. And please don't let anyone tell you that you have to abort or you life will be a waste. There are loving arms waiting to embrace you with compassion for your courage to choose life. Motherhood is really great. I know you can do it.

Remember, God is always there. Sometimes we don't call for His Help until we are really in trouble. He has answered your call just like He answered mine.

Know that you are loved.
Love, Anne

Dear Kathy,

This letter is to let you know how much Several Sources Foundation means to me! I'm very thankful and grateful for everything that you and your program have done for me and my baby. Being pregnant and alone is very hard and confusing. Having nobody supporting you emotionally is very hard.

Having you take me in one of your homes when I had nowhere to go is and was the first step to me becoming closer to God.

I prayed and prayed that He would help me and my unborn child. So I was pregnant and living here I prayed to Him that my family and my boyfriend would see my point of view to why I was choosing life for my baby and support me the way I needed them to. I am proud to say that my prayers were answered. Thanks to you and your program, I have a wonderful beautiful little girl, and working my way to achiever some goals for my future in life.

Sincerely, Amanda

Dear Friend,

Even though you may not think so, there is someone there who cares. You found that someone when you decided to call the Several Sources hotline. I had given up all hope that my baby would not be aborted. All the odds were against me.

I called the hotline because I wanted to have my baby. I didn't have an abortion because I knew that what was inside of me was growing and living...just like I was and I didn't believe that I had the right to take that away.

Well, Several Sources helped me have my baby and now they are helping me to build a future...for me and my family. Having an abortion may not be the end of all your problems. It may just be the beginning of a new one. I'm only 21 with three children. If I found the strength and courage not to abort than so can you.

From a Mother who Cares!!

PS. This is my precious daughter that was saved from abortion.

Dear Hotline Caller,

When I found out I was going to have a baby, I was confronted with two seemingly unsolvable problems:

1. How was I going to keep my job and keep a roof over my head and

2. How could I face the people I knew I had disappointed?

When I told my mother, she told me I was stupid. She wanted me to get an abortion and hung up the phone on me.

We didn't talk for two months.

During that time I did the best I could to keep my spirits up. I was offered a promotion at work, but because I was pregnant...I suddenly was not as attractive a candidate as I had earlier been. Besides, it was unpaid maternity leave...who would pay my rent? Finally, I lost my job.

The rejection from my mother had magnified the guilt I had already been feelings and I was becoming very depressed. I was afraid to talk to anybody. I didn't think anybody could help me. I had pictures in my head of sleeping in doorways. But somewhere deep inside of me ... I felt a glimmer of hope.

I wished and prayed that someone would help me....some Good Samaritan would come along and heal my wounds an put me in a safe place.

And my faith was not in vain. Someone did come along. At first it was a voice on the phone...and then it was the staff at Several Sources ...and then I realized it was all the volunteers and contributors and personnel in the Several Sources Shelters.

I was surprised at how quickly the shame began to fade away once I was around people who were willing to support and help me. I began to feel good about myself and was able to grow in love toward the tiny preborn child in my womb.

He was born in March and as I write this letter he is two months old. And he is a healthy smiling, thriving (14 pound) baby boy. I have so many plans for us. He is a great motivator in my life, and I never remember feeling as much joy as I do when I look at him.

I am so glad I didn't have him aborted. To have joy instead of regrets is such a blessing...a blessing that came from listening to God's Commandment...Thou Shalt Not Kill. I know keeping a baby is what God would have us do. And Several Sources can help any woman who decided to save her baby. There is always a way...I know it.

I may have missed a promotion. I may have put off finishing my college degree. I may have given up a lot of "things" to have my baby. But now I have someone to share them with. So when the time comes for more promotions, and my degree and all the rest...they will be so much sweeter.

I pray that you will have the strength to make the right decision. The support and help you need is here. All you have to do is ask. Don't let anybody tell you can't. You can. And it's not as hard as you may think.

God bless you. A mother and her son.

PS. My mother came to see us the day after my son was born. I have been to visit her twice. Who says there are no such things as miracles?

Dear Friends,

People have asked me about abortion. That question itself is very difficult for me to answer. When I found out I was pregnant the thought never crossed my mind. The easiest answer I could give was, "Because I do not believe in abortion." To be honest my feelings run much deeper. A lot has to do with my being adopted. My own mother gave life to me instead of an abortion. She gave me a chance. A chance at life through adoption. And I love and respect her for that very reason.

I also believe that things happen for a purpose. Sometimes I may not understand why but my son was a gift given to me to share with others. And Several Sources has given me the hope and love to do so.

When I called the hotline I had no idea what would be on the other end of the line. As I explained my situation of being pregnant and homeless, the voice on the other end was full of concern and hope for me. Just having that unknown person listen to me and understand eased my mind so much.

I've been with Several Sources for 10 months now. I've learned so much. Not just child care but also about myself as a person and others around me.

Several Sources is just a name to some. To me its my family, my love, my life.

I have a hard time writing down my feelings. Trying to make a person understand my feelings is not easy. But I think if you just look into my son's eyes you'll be able to know what I mean. To see the love, innocence and joy on his face...speaks more than any words can say. I'll end this letter leaving you with that thought.

From a mother with a dream that now is a reality. (21 years old)

A Letter from Rose and Son

A Letter From Karen

A Letter from Jullie


A Letter of Regret from a woman who wishes she knew.

This is a anonymous letter we received during the Easter Season '97: 

To All at Several Sources,

May the Lord continue to bless your works. Each year on my birthday, I like to do something specific in Thanksgiving for my Mother who choose not to abort me.

I usually go to Montclair to pray before the Abortion Clinic in hopes that at least one girl will have a change of heart and keep her child. You see, I have had an abortion quite a number of them... and I am grateful for God's mercy.

Late in life, I know that I am loved. The Lord is my life now, and I have been to confession. I still carry the guilt of not having carried my children but I live in hopes that someday, I will know they forgive me and will see them face-to-face along with my God and Savior. I send a small donation to you for your wonderful work and pray God will continue to bring girls to their senses and to be grateful for the Gift of their children in their wombs.

Peace be yours, sincerely,
From Someone Who Cares!

A letter from a Teen Mom


Laverea (mother) -- age 15 and Daughter, Teresa -- age 6 months

Dear Friend,

Have you ever been in a tough position? Having a baby when you are only 15 years old. Well, I am 15 years old and I can understand the way you feel. Your boyfriend and family want you to get an abortion or they think, your not mature enough. Well here's the facts.

The steps are to make up your mind about what you want to do, not what your family wants you to do. You are the one that has to deal with the guilt of an abortion. I was faced with abortion through my baby's father and I totally ignored him. Now, we have a precious baby girl, who he wants to be with.

If you are 15 and you're in a tough position, don't let anyone change your mind. You will see and understand the joy of not having an abortion, but you will be able to prove to your boyfriend and family that you are mature enough to have and love a baby with or without their support. I am fifteen and I had little will power, but I had a healthy 7 lbs., 4 oz baby girl and a happy pregnancy. It all turned out for the better, my ex-boyfriend loves his daughter and my family loves her too.

This letter goes out to all pregnant women, faced with this decision.

A Proud Teen Mother 

A Letter from a at one time Confused and now Grateful Mother

Dear Reader,

The reason why you received this letter might be the same reason why I decided to call Several Sources Foundation.

As a young adult I was confused and could not even think straight at times from all my hurt and the feelings of being deserted and used. I wished it never happened to me. Being pregnant and not having a place to go was not easy.

I thought about having an abortion. Maybe that's the only way out for me. Both of my parents had passed away. With a baby and nobody around I will never make it, I thought.

I was 12 weeks pregnant. Out of curiosity I looked in a biology book what this "thing" looked like that was growing inside of me and discovered that it is a formed baby. I read that by 4 1/2 weeks his or her heart was already beating and the brain was forming. When laying on my stomach I could feel this hard ball inside me. By feeling that I knew that it was my baby and by having an abortion will be destroying a living human being... a human my boyfriend and I created with God's Power of course. Now he doesn't want the baby and I will not be able to cope with it alone and he's leaving anyway.

Found greener grass to graze on somewhere else.

Living here at Several Sources changed my life. I'm able to focus on my baby and I and a new life for us together until I am able to live on my own again. I receive an enormous amount of help and encouragement from the people around here. If I had an abortion, I know that I would always remember and regret my baby that I aborted. Please, feel the baby inside of you and love him or her. Maybe she or he already recognizes your voice. Mine does.

From a Mother who had her baby.

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