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Dear Silent Scream Viewer,

Over the 16 years of counseling and sheltering Pregnant Women who were possibly considering the abortion of their preborn child, we have found the Silent Scream Video to be a most effective way of informing a young women of the evils of abortion. Many of them have shared their reactions with us in writing and I would like to share just a few of their comments with you. Please keep our work for God's innocent preborn and their mothers in your prayers.

Your Sister in Christ Jesus,

Kathy DiFiore
Founder, Several Sources Shelters

Dear Several Sources,

I decided not to abort my child because of the Several Sources Hotline Package I received. The movie "Silent Scream" really got to me. It really is capable of changing one mind about abortion. Especially when the abortion procedure is being shown. NO WAY! Don't abort! You'll end up regretting it for the rest of your life. By having your child, you'll have nothing to regret.


Dear Several Sources,

I didn't know what was entailed in an abortion. Your counselors were very helpful and understanding. I felt like it was a big sister, I could talk to who didn't judge me. Just Listened. I decided not to abort my child because after looking at the film the Silent Scream, I strongly felt that abortion is murder. The one suggestion I would have to help counsel other women not to abort is to have them see the Silent Scream Tape.

Lisa from
Metuchen, NJ

Dear Several Sources,

After watching the Video the Silent Scream and reading the literature, I knew that this child that I am carrying is the most precious thing in my life! I feel your organization is doing a wonderful job teaching and counseling women!

Dinah from
Mt Vernon, NY

Dear Several Sources,

I saw the video cassette and finally knew that I was killing a human being. It really shocked me a lot and I decided to have my boy friend and my family look at it. I suggest you send a copy to all the abortion clinics. I never thought that their were so many people who were having abortions.

Jessica from
New York City


Dear Several Sources,

I always thought that abortion is only a medical procedure, "Same Day Surgery." Your out in an hour...I have to wonder if women having an abortion realize what they are really doing to their baby. To think that an abortion is legal up to 24 weeks!!! I am shocked!! It was sickening to watch a baby trying to escape the abortion at 12 weeks. I'm only thankful that I watched that video (The Silent Scream) before I made the decision. Had I aborted this baby and somewhere down the road seen this ... well I'm just grateful you sent it to me.

I would like to add that I once believed that "prolifers" were extremists, now I believe that "Pro-choicers" are out of their minds!!! Abortion in not a mere medical procedure, it is the brutal and painful destruction of a baby's life. I could go on and on about my feelings for pages. I just want to say



Dear Several Sources,

Thank you for being so factual and giving so much information. It was helpful to know their are places near my house which I can go to. I decided not to abort my baby because of the information you gave me, most especially the Silent Scream Video. It really gave me the facts about abortion. I think your package is great.

Lori from
Audubon, NJ

Dear Several Sources,

I learned a lot. I learned that there is always a solution and I don't feel so alone. First of all the tape about abortion really helped me to learn about abortion and it was really sad. And now I feel that there's always a way. A Right Way!

Ana from
West New York

Dear Several Sources,

I did not get the abortion. I decided not to abort my baby because I looked at your tape and did not do it. I am 15 years old. I did not have the abortion. I love you people.

Sherry from
Paterson, NJ


Jesus said, "Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do." Luke 23:34

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