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A letter from a grateful Grandmother...

To Anyone who can love,

Yesterday, my new grandson turned one month old. Ironically, it was approximately eight months ago that I ordered my "just turned" fifteen year old daughter to terminate the soon to be Devin, but because of my daughter's stubborn respect for life, Devin made it into this world anyway, regardless of all my efforts to keep my daughter young, free and pure.

Although Devin entered this world Down Syndrome, racially mixed and burdened with heart disease, his young mom loved him at first sight, just as I loved her as the perfect beautiful baby God had fifteen years earlier given to me.

Devin's birth has changed all our lives forever and has taught us much about each other and ourselves. Devin may not be the perfect baby, but he is perfect in love. the love he has caused to surface from he respect his mother so bravely gave him when he was yet faceless and nameless.

When I now look into his big beautiful innocent eyes I see more than a baby. I see all the fears and doubts I had for my fifteen your old daughter have transposed into the miracle of faith, hope and love of the purest regard.

Everything I thought had been stolen from my young daughter's life had been only borrowed to be returned enriched and enhanced with the gifts of mature wisdom, respect, grace, tolerance, joy and Happiness; which is a lot to fit into a 6 lab 2 oz baby boy by the way.

Devin will always be the box of Kleenex that was traded in for a rainbow. He has brought all the colors of life and love into our lives and continues to do so each new day. He does not know that he is Down Syndrome, racially mixed or that he has heart disease, but he does know that he is loved very much.

I'm amazed now to think back to the time when I almost let my fears terminate his precious life. Devin hasn't learned what "fear" is yet either, and I hope he never does.

My daughter will be returning back to school for her Junior year this week and when she is asked what happened during this past summer, she will be able to tell everyone that she taught her family the value of life and completed her lesson on unconditional love.

I've always known I had an "A" student in my daughter, Diana, but it is only now that I realize fully that I also have an "A" person, a winner, an optimist, all rolled up into one me "NO" eight months ago.

 Here's to Diana, Several Sources and my beautiful grandson, Devin!

Sincerely, Lynn

A Letter from a Proud Grandfather

Dear Reader,

Prior to my knowledge of Several Sources, I never declared myself to be prolife or prochoice, however, I always used the Bible as my rule book. Knowing that we are created in the image of God, I never thought of when creation of life began within us. But after seeing and obtaining knowledge about abortions through your foundation, I see life as coming from the conception; not a separation of fetus to birth but as life in the fetus as a step that a child must take as it develops throughout its entire life. Abortion in itself is a hideous word...I see it as to stop, to cut short life, to take from, or to end what has been predestined.

As a father with a daughter who is having a child, no matter what aspect in which that child was conceived,it is still a child, a life. In the time of my daughter's pregnancy, I have looked to God, I have looked to my daughter in considering her future and found the best thing to do is to support her in every way possible to enhance her quality of life without the consideration of putting her through the act of abortion. I have lived my life as I thought was best for myself and my family. As she establishes her life as an adult, she should receive the same consideration.

To the fathers of daughters having children...your daughter shall always be your daughter...a part of you. No matter what age they are, they shall always be your daughter. Love them, cherish them. No man has ever lived a perfect life but One. We all have made mistakes, therefore, considering the past and your own errs, did you want to be forgiven and yet loved? At this point, you have your child, fragile as she is, going through physical changes, emotional and social changes. Don't take her through parental changes. Support her. Love her and accept her.

From a Proud Grandfather

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