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Dear Viewers,

We thank the distributor of The Silent Scream for permission to place it on the Internet. After showing this film to thousands of women contemplating an abortion, we can testify to its powerful impact on them to choose life for their preborn child. We encourage you to show it to others. If you would like your own copy, please contact American Portrait Films for pricing information and kindly let them know that you saw the video on this Website. Note the film is available in eight languages and in various formats.

To order this video
please call or visit online:

The Apologetics Group
5543 Edmondson Pike, Ste #88
Nashville , TN 37211-5808

Toll-free: 1-800-736-4567

Order Online:
shop/ item.aspx?itemid=344

The Apologetics Group (through its parent company Reel to Real Ministries, Inc.) is a non-for-profit educational ministry.

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